A Sales Rep for one of the popular Nutritional Supplement Chains was in the office the other day.

We were talking about some of the Process and Technology opportunities we had created for Wellness Professionals as well as the Problems many of you all faced with learning and excelling at Business.

"Yes. It should be straight forward, but they are Healers", said he.

And it's with that false sense of mutual exclusivity that most of you need to start. Clinical Hypnosis is an exceptional tool, and many of you need it dearly as you start moving quickly into your catch-up studies.

A Master's in Business Administration Program use to be 2 years long. Many have shortened that now to one year, and in truth you only need a portion of that to add the Business Wizard feather in your cap before returning to the Practice you were born to enjoy.

In truth, the first month of each class was interesting and new followed by three months of regurgitation. Furthermore, many of the topics you need for small business can be condensed to a week or two of intensive training for a given subject, especially if open source, user friendly software without the potential for software bloat is included in the mix.

All totaled, someone with a true and clear understanding of your needs and 3-6 months of your undivided attention could change your life for the better, for ever. The problem for most of you is you try to get the hang of it with a few hours a week of new consumption at a time, in a very allopathic way, without nearly enough experience with physical space organization, digital organization or process design to get over the hard humps fast if ever at all.

As with Acupuncture, it takes consistency and momentum to get over the initial humps and most underestimate that requirement.

In comparison to what you've taken to Master your trade it's tiny and most of it should not be memorized. Processes can be mapped and flow charts can be built. With a little self discipline and a true desire to Master something you've been told to allow others to do for you, the World becomes your Oyster.


"What? What say you? [mumble , mumble, mumble]. Yes. That is correct. You understood correct.. [mumble , mumble, mumble]. Uh huh. That's what I said. With a little "self discipline and true desire" the business world can be your Oyster in a matter of Months with an understanding that lasts a lifetime. And the best place to start is in fact with Basic and Advanced Bookkeeping in a tool that frees you from Debits and Credits day in and day out, believe it or not.


I have yet to meet an Alternative Wellness person without the capacity to learn the Basics of Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Operations, along with a small bit about Business Ethics, Legal and Strategic issues, but I HAVE MET a host of Alternative Wellness Professionals who currently lack the Self Discipline and Self Care systems they need to grow in their own Commercial Health and Wellness without various forms of intervention.

It's time to do yourself a favor and one for all your Current and future Patients. Take our Products and Systems and Grow in Self Discipline and Commercial Wellness.

For most of you, this is in fact what your Patients need most from you now.

They know you can help them heal from stress and pain, unfortunately many realize you can also re-stress them the heck out with disjointed check out processes, lackluster insurance billing and general front office disorganization that they don't typically find with the left brained Western Medicine Professionals who only carry 1/5 of your quiver for wellness solutions.

Take this opportunity and embrace it. The Time for Change is upon us.

With the COVID 19 debacle, Big Pharma has been exposed for the Government Grifters and true Snake Oil Salesmen a smaller population had known them to be for decades.

Someday soon the masses will return to Whole Food Nutrition in Droves.

Are you ready to double your business profits right now without dramatically raising your prices? Are you ready to earn the same you are earning now with a fraction of the time and stress? Could you handle either of those if the opportunities presented themselves?

If not, the answer for most has nothing to do with "hiring more people" to help with the load. The answer lies with becoming more efficient with your front and back office needs, more organized physically and digitally, and more selective about the nature and type of work you want to do that will leave you and your Patients better off than you are today.

Today is a Great Day to start your Change.