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Start out by Verifying Our Claims with Testimonials and a Product Comparison For Starters...

Go to any of our Empowerment 1,2 3 websites and check out the Testimonials and Product Comparison Details. If you are still unsure, find a Bookkeeper or CPA who is not wed to Quickbooks and Intuit and ask them what they see. In addition and/or alternatively, find a Small Business Person who has been bound by Quickbooks and ask them what they most want to be. You will find they all need to be set free.

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Put YOU First !!

We need Financially Literate and Technologically Proficient Wellness Pro's to make our world a better place. The time you need to invest in your catch-up studies is in fact far less than you might imagine.

There are two models that we ask you to keep in mind as your path towards Commercial Wizardry Progresses. With these two items together, you can see why Bookkeeping is in fact the proper place to start and the foundation for everything else, surprisingly.

The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of life is a Seven Segmented Wheel with equal pieces consisting of your:

  1. Financial Story

  2. Occupational Story

  3. Personal Story

  4. Physical Story

  5. Emotional Story

  6. Mental Story

  7. Spiritual Story

Alternatively you could think of these as Financial Well being, Occupational Wellbeing etc.

This wheel starts with Finances, because in our world as it works today, Finances are the single biggest factor that affects your options.

If the Financial Slice is stronger than average or stronger than its peers in relative terms, it's radius is larger. If you are Physically contracted due to dis-ease it's radius is shorter. Try rolling that wheel down the road. How smooth is the ride?

The goal at the end of this is to identify the over expressed and under expressed pies and either "contract down" until your wheel is round or focus more on those items that are deficient until they grow in health comparable to the others. As a Self Assessment, Self Development and Monitoring Tool this is really very comprehensive.

Bookkeeping is the foundation for Accounting and that feeds financial Prowess. Thus, Bookkeeping is in fact the place to start for all. The nice part about that too is that with our system the basics are all Universal since our system is intended to stand alone and separate from all other Accounting and Software Modules.


This is an acronym for the topics that make up a Business Wizard.

Finance (Ability to set and track financial goals and use finances as a healthy metric for life)

Accounting (Ability to do your own Bookkeeping for starters)

Management (Ability to Manage Self First and then Others and your Business)

Marketing (Ability to believe in and then sell self first, then products and services)

Management Science & Ops (Ability to create and manage processes)

IT (Ability to select, configure and use Hardware, Software and Network products effectively)

Business Ethics (Ability to discern Legal Concerns from Ethical Concerns and make choices within your comfort)

Business Law (Ability to implement minimum business practices to protect yourself and your clients)

Business Strategy (Ability to create, track and modify strategies to achieve and surpass all your goals)

And again, this system starts with Finances, which is a second pointer to Bookkeeping as the proper place to start your Healing Journey.

For many, this will be a new trade in a new Platform Paradigm. It's straight forward. So much so, you'll wonder why we've been moving so slow.

And this is just the Beginning...

Start a mini or micro chapter of one of our Club Suggestions within your own group or with others and a common interest.
Here's to Clubs of Good Fortune.